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a bold new chapter

I was always a hopeless romantic for books. I especially loved paperbacks that showed their cracks and creases as you curled their pages back to read them. I always imagined myself with a decent collection of books to be proud of, however, after moving house four times in one year I have come to realise that while I love the idea of acquiring a new book, once I read it, it would sit and collect dust, usually never to be read again. Magazines – same deal. Each time I moved house, I shed more books, either leaving them behind or giving them away. One begins to wonder, how much waste these books create, and how many trees are felled to create them.

One day I desperately needed something to read on a roadtrip and turned to iBooks on my iPad. I realised almost immediately, how much I had been missing out on while being wrapped up in a romance with physical books.

  1. It doesn’t take up any space (and not much memory space either)
  2. Costs a fraction of the price $$!
  3. You can make notes and highlight (in several colours – yay), of which are catalogued for your convenience
  4. All your books are accessible on iPad, iPhone and laptop
  5. All this at very little cost to the environment

Moral of the story, the need for physical books is purely emotional. The true reason we read is to be immersed in new stories and new information, not to create a bookcase of paper stacks. Get over your physical book romance (is he/she really that good for you?) and take advantage of new technology that makes reading convenient while reducing our impact on the environment.

iBooks application – get it now!

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