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Keep Cup

We are all guilty of it, making the morning pilgrimage to get our dose of wake up coffee or as I like to call it, the elixir of life itself. In turn, we caffeinated many, are making a rather large contribution to global waste. The facts are daunting, 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year; that’s about 75 disposable cups for every single person on the planet. To put that in a different perspective, putting those 500 billion cups end to end could circumnavigate the earth 1,360 times. And that’s only 1 year’s worth of cups! Aaaand, don’t be fooled, even though you may think your buying a recyclable paper cup, it’s coated with a film of plastic which in fact, makes it unrecyclable.

Routine morning coffee drinking is… well… routine, so it’s fairly easy to swap the everyday disposable cup for a reusable one.

Keep cup, founded and made in Australia, is an all round good investment, and baristas like to work with their design too. You can get as pedantic as you want with the colours and materials to make yourself the perfect mug match your outfit, handbag, nails, or whatever.

Get one now! Keep Cup

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  1. Your witty portrayal of the paper cup problem is captivating, straight to the point and most important;y correct. I really admire the way in which you’ve managed to engage your audience with the problems associated with the use of paper cups whilst also offering a solution. However, Keepcups are not the only way to go when it comes to reusables. When it comes to eliciting individuals to spend money and buy a product they can get for free at their local coffee shop, most individuals, knowledgable or not are fundamentally lazy. That, and the fact that KeepCups aren’t the most accessible product to consumers whom don’t know they should be buying one. The paper cup problem is happening on a global scale so we cant just tell people they need to buy a cup to then change their routine. Disposable cups were developed to replace need to use ceramics. Therefore, to address this issue, we need to advocate that people just bring any damn cup with them when they travel. If they pack a bag, why not just chuck in a cup. If we can make this act routine, perhaps we can really start to change attitudes towards using disposable cups. After all, who can deny they don’t have a mug at home? If you want to find out more about the paper cup problem visit my blog and join the discussion on how we can conquer this throw way culture.
    EM – End the Cup Madness


    • Jamie Chapman says

      Hi EM,
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 I guess the beauty of this product is its convenience as a travel cup coupled with the fact that it adheres to standard coffee sizes, making it barista friendly. While I 100% agree with questioning why we should feel the need to buy yet another product, in my eyes, this product is a direct solution to a problem that can be easily adopted and implemented.
      While I will buy many more cups for my home in a lifetime, the cup I choose from that collection may as well be a cup whose design is dedicated to the purpose of its use.

      Sometimes it feels like you’re moving mountains trying to convince people change their current habits for a more sustainable one, and I feel this product makes that transition a lot easier.

      I’m totally on board with “ending the cup” movement! 🙂


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