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In Bed with linen (v)

There is a limbo zone in most of our wardrobes, that pile of clothing that has been demoted to ‘around the house’ or sloppy ‘sleepwear’. A golden rule of a minimalist wardrobe; there is no such thing as ‘around the house’ clothing. If you feel embarrassed to be seen in it, it’s time to give it a new life elsewhere.

Why not be in an outfit you love, to bunk down for the night – something you’re actually excited to wear. In Bed, a super sweet blog / shop obsessed with the science of sleep and sleep-ins, offer a beautifully refreshing range of  French linen sleepwear and bedding goodies. It even comes in a cute bag!


“In Bed is for the one place we are sure to spend the most of our lives doing the things (and people) we love. Inspired by sleep-ins, breakfast in bed and staying in your pyjamas all day. In Bed makes the kind of bedding that looks just as good unmade and undone as it does neatly tucked, and only gets better the more you use and love it.” – In Bed

Linen is a great natural and eco-friendly fabric, being made from flax, a crop that requires very little pest-controlling chemicals. It needs no special treatment and endures the test of time, wrinkles and all.


It’s time to truly enjoy being in bed.



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