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DIY coconut oil makeup remover (v)

Ditch the chemicals and jump on the all natural bandwagon. Oils have been used throughout the centuries for beauty purposes and now our recently beloved coconut oil has found a purpose outside of the kitchen as a makeup remover. It works a treat on all of your longwear and waterproof cosmetics while leaving your skin clean and moisturised without the nasty chemicals.

What you will need
Organic Coconut Oil: Try to get cold pressed
Cotton Wipes: Try to use organic cotton, even better use a facial cloth that you can wash and reuse


Step 1:
Apply a small amount of coconut oil either directly to your face or cotton swap
Step 2: Using your finger or the cotton wipe/cloth, work the oil around your face focusing on the most makeup heavy areas, apply more oil if needed.
Step 3: turn the wipe over and clean away excess oil and dirt

Voila! Fresh faced!

The great this about coconut oil and organic cotton, is that it’s vegan, not tested on animals and completely bio degradable. Oh and cheaper than several bottles of makeup remover.

Happy cleansing! x

Organyc biodegradable Organic Cotton Wool Pads
Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed
Muji Stainless steel spatula

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