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5 minimalist gifts for mother’s day

When Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I ask myself the same question, “what do I buy a person who has everything already?” Let’s face it, it’s common to think that our Mothers are already set in the ‘things’ department, so here are a few minimalist ideas that will go down a treat.

1 – Food / Drink / Consumables

You will never receive food as a gift and think, “this is something I will never use.” Curate a little hamper of Mum’s favourite treats, or buy a bottle of nice champagne to enjoy together or apart. Taking Mum out for lunch, or even cooking her breakfast will never disappoint. After all, it should be about reconnecting and spending time together.

2 – Subscriptions / Skills

The gift that keeps on giving. Give Mum a subscription to her favourite online magazine or newspaper. Think about her hobbies and interests and find an editorial that will extend her knowledge and inspire new ideas. A 10 pass to a yoga studio, a pottery class or a cooking course… the options are endless.

3 – Experience

They say life is not about the things you own, but the experiences and memories you have. Say thank you with a gallery pass, an Airbnb weekend in the mountains or tickets to her favourite band.

4 – Flowers / Plants

I don’t believe anyone when they say “I don’t like receiving flowers”. Getting mum some posies will be a symbol of your thanks and appreciation for the week or so to come. And best of all, it’s completely biodegradable. Another options is of the more permanent variety by investing in a herb or vegetable plant.

5 – Donate

Use this opportunity to think of others in need. Is Mum passionate about a particular cause? Making the world a better place on Mum’s behalf may be the most rewarding option of them all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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