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party with the lights on (v)

So I’m turning 30 (eek!). And, as it is customary on a milestone birthday, you gather your family and good friends around you and have a little celebration. Food and beverages may be on offer for your guests, along with some decorations to top it off.

At the end of it all, the remaining waste is pretty devastating. Bin bags full of discarded plastic cutlery, plates and cups, along with your carefully curated decorations. But, there is a solution to ensure your celebration, celebrates the environment as well.

Step 1 – Tableware and decorations
If you’re having a party where you will need the extra help of disposable tableware, there are plenty of options available. Eco Party Box offers a range of plant based party goods which are sustainable, recyclable and compostable. And as far as disposable tableware goes, you’re not skimping on style either, so it’s a no brainer.

Step 2 – Beverages
The best way to ensure your party is as eco friendly as possible, is to focus on buying beverages in glass packaging. While plastic can technically be recycled, the recycling method used is called downcycling, which means lower reusability (in comparison with “classic” recycling). Glass on the other hand can be recycled over and over again into the same quality product and will never be rendered as a non-recyclable item.

Step 3 – Food
What I could say here is, make sure that all your food is vegan, but I know that would be a hard task for everyone to follow. But in all seriousness, reducing the amount of animal products would help a lot. A vegan menu may be difficult, but not at all impossible. Pana Chocolate (pictured above) are all about the vegan treats that wont make you feel like you’re missing out. This Melbourne founded business create cakes and treats that are vegan, organic and fair trade, not to mention being beautifully crafted to boot.


Step 1 – Recycling
Make is easy for people to recycle at your party. Have designated bins for recyclable items next to the general bin so it’s easy for your guests to quickly sort their rubbish. You may even want to brief you guests on your intention of making this an eco party, so people will make the extra effort to recycle.

180mm White Sugarcane Cake Plates
Wooden Forks
Pana Chocolate Cakes

Happy partying!

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