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Recently my coffee habits have been changing. Getting coffee at a café was my only pilgrimage for caffeine (KeepCup in tow), but I’m now finding myself enjoying the simple pleasure of making a coffee at home or at work.

Rarely do we get blessed with a professional barista coffee machine in these spaces, and it seems that the stock standard coffee dispenser available, is some sort of ‘pod’ or ‘capsule’ mechanism. In light of news regarding out-of-control waste via coffee pod consumption, I wanted something that was a little more eco conscious and analogue.

A few things to consider were:

1/ Reusability: can I reuse is over and over again without any other disposable add-ons.
2/ Material: is it made of recyclable materials (not just downcyclable plastic)
3/ Do I like the way it looks?: This may seem like a petty box to tick, but I feel that this is the one of the biggest reasons why people choose non-eco choices in all aspects of consumption.

So after all my searching I landed on a tiny stainless steel french press. All it takes is a few teaspoons of ground coffee, hot water et voilà, no plastic or metal pods in sight. And if I decide to do away with it, it can be 100% recycled (except for the small straining mesh).

Happy plunging!

AVANTI Modena Twin Wall Coffee Plunger 350ml

PS: Please use coffee that is fair trade and climate neutral 🙂

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