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all natural, eco friendly teeth regime

In our modern lifestyles, there are a lot of daily routines that we have been taught as the best way to maintain our health. Unfortunately a lot of these routines means daily consumption and waste. A prime example of this is our mouth hygiene regime. We are taught to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day, which which involves consuming a lot of plastic. I’m not here to say brushing your teeth is bad, but we can modify the tools we use to keep our teeth and the environment clean.

The truth about plastic toothbrushes; Every year, Australians throw out 30 million frazzled sticks of plastic. You can only imagine what that means on a global scale. These toothbrushes are not bio-degradable, and will still be around hundreds of years from now. The Environmental Toothbrush however, has a biodegradable and environmentally sustainable handle and is vegan.

Any dentists will tell you, that a manual toothbrush works just as well as an electric one, you just need to know how to brush your teeth properly, so no need for plastic electrical toothbrushes. Also brushing your tongue will keep your bad breath at bay, so no need for mouth wash unless you feel it’s necessary.

The hundreds of choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it’s a big decision… sometimes it’s as small as changing your toothbrush.

The most interesting thing I learnt about using toothpaste is that you don’t have to put on as much as they do in the TV commercials, where they ooze on a layer of toothpaste as thick as the brush itself. You just need enough to get a nice bubbly lather. You could literally more than half your consumption of toothpaste if you stick that general rule alone. I am yet to come across a toothpaste available in Australia that comes in a glass jar or tin for recycling purposes, but Dr Bronner’s uses organic ingredients and is vegan. 

Dental Floss
Essentially dental floss is thin strips of plastic that we throw daily into the bin. Like our toothbrushes, these will stick around for hundreds of year, wreaking havoc on our environment. But there is a solution that keeps your gums and the environment happy.

This floss by Radius is made of silk – so unfortunately it’s technically not vegan, but the upside is that this non-plastic material will biodegrade. Even the packaging is biodegradable. This product is BPA free, ethically made by a fair trade co-op and includes no nasty ingredients.

Where to buy online:
The Environmental Toothbrush
Dr Bronner’s Toothpaste in Peppermint 

Radius Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss Sachets

Every little bit counts!

Happy flossing!

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