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have yourself a sustainable Christmas

As a minimalist amidst this now very commercial holiday called Christmas, your values get well and truly tested. Consumerism takes itself to the next level, offering isles of decorations and nick-nacks that ultimately end up as landfill. Over the years, my eyes have been opened to the harmful and polluting industry of Christmas decoration production. Workers in third-world countries creating endless spray painted santa boots, polystyrene stars covered in glitter, plastic baubles hung from plastic twine. Despite these stories, I don’t like to be the anti-consumer grinch that doesn’t get into to the spirit, so here is a way to be festive without creating waste.

How to make a natural wreath:
You will need: secateurs, natural twine, scissors and flora

1 / Collect your flora
Using secateurs, collect some plant cuttings. Luckily I have a backyard where lots of my neighbours trees and shrubs grow over the fence from which I could collect some good cuttings. I also took a walk to find some trees and shrubs on the street. You can also visit a flower market and see what they have to offer. What I found useful were longish twigs that had a bit of give so I could bend them into shape. These will be needed for the foundation for the circular shape.
note: please don’t destroy or take the majority of flowers off public trees in the process of collecting your flora. The plant’s health is priority and they are for everyone to enjoy.

2/ Create the base wreath
Bind your long twigs together with twine. Connect them with the leaves all pointing in the same direction so the leaves sit beside each other easily and create a visual flow around the wreath. Keep binding more and more twigs into a circle shape until it is somewhat symmetrical (or not – whatever floats your boat) and will keep it’s structure when hung up on a hook or twine.

3/ Add the flourishes
Once your base wreath is ready, you can add more twigs or flowers by wrapping them in and around the already bound twigs. Try to use plants that complement each other in shape, texture and colour. Once you are happy with your wreath, attache to wall hook or door using the twine.

Another idea – Use plant cuttings for flowers as table decorations.
Instead of fake flowers and baubles, try using plants cuttings to decorate the table.


another note: I recommend creating these as close to the date of your Christmas party as possible. These are made of living plants and will not last a very long time, hence no waste!

And there you have it, some completely biodegradable Christmas decorations.

Ideas for minimalist Christmas gift ideas can be found here

Have a very merry Christmas.


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