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beeswax food wraps

In my pursuit of a plastic-free existence, I have admittedly stumbled upon some pitfalls. Storing food is one of them. While fresh food shopping, I opt for the whole option of fruits and veg (eg. a whole cabbage, rockmelon or cauliflower) to avoid the plastic that half portions come wrapped in. Yay, avoided plastic! But not so great when I get home and I can only consume half a rock melon at once. Believe me, rock melon gets pretty boring, pretty quickly.

What to do with half a rockmelon?

  • Chop it up and put it in a tupperware container? – I can look forward to eating another half of a rockmelon in the next 24hrs as it’s definitely going soggy.
  • Cling wrap? – Ultimate plastic fail.
  • Put it face down on a plate and hope for the best? – Questionable.

Introducing beeswax food wraps! (Basically cotton, soaked in beeswax.) It’s a literally flexible solution that will save space and fit to any item that you need wrapped. Because it’s covered in wax, all you need is the heat in your hands to mould the fabric to whatever you need wrapped and the wax with cling together for a pretty good seal. It’s also reusable, you only need to wash with water or light detergent, dry and use again. No plastic has been used to create it so it’s also 100% biodegradable. It’s smells like honey too, which is always nice. I know this kind of product has been around for a while, but I’m glad I’ve found a version that only uses natural cloth with no print on it. So simple, but so good.


You can buy them in 3 packs, but you can buy them individually too.

Bee Green Wraps

Happy wrapping.

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