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this phone case is made from plants

So my last phone case threw in the towel. It served me well for three years (yes I’m still using an iPhone 5). I made the call to say goodbye when it started detaching itself mid fall, which is kind of the opposite to what it’s supposed to do. Three years ago, I didn’t worry too much about my plastic use, but now an opportunity has presented itself, to find a phone case that was plastic conscious.

Introducing, Pela Case. Basically feels and looks like plastic, but it’s made of a biopolymer, recycled materials and flax straw. And the best part, you can compost it in your own backyard! It would probably take a long time mind you, but it’s better than a piece of non-biodegradable plastic floating out into the ocean.

The flax straw element, creates a nice speckle on the surface, which reminds me of granite. Even though it’s not made of plastic, it feels really durable and will probably last longer than the phone itself. It comes in a range of colours, covering all iPhone and most android models.

So if you’re in the market for a phone case, and would like to potentially save a whale, I highly recommend getting a Pela Case.


Pela Case

Happy communicating.

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