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Hairbrushes and combs are another one of those incidental purchases that we make every once in a while, and unfortunately the options for these items are predominantly low-quality and made of plastic. I think of past hairbrushes and combs in my life like owning pens, I have never used a pen until it has run out of ink, much the same as I have never used a brush or comb until it was so worn that it broke or stopped working. These are the kinds of items you usually loose and it’s gone into the ether of lost things (most likely landfill).

So I found myself wondering, how can I make hair brush/comb buying a more sustainable practice. Looking at generic brushes I found that biodegradable options were limited and combs were generally made of acetate. But with a little digging, I came across a gold mine of natural combs and brushes. Bass Brushes have been creating brushes with an emphasis on sustainable materials for 40 years, and have a brush for every need (more needs than I realised existed). Most of the handles are made from bamboo, and there are several options for bristles. I opted for a comb as it saves spaces when travelling.


They are a little bit pricer than what you would get at a supermarket or chemist, but I guess if you spend a bit more than you would usually do on your hairbrush, just like if you were to buy an expensive pen, you would probably take better care of it, and use it until it was completely spent. And after your brush or comb has reached the end of it’s life, it will happily biodegrade in your backyard.


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Happy Brushing

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