DIY all natural face scrub recipe (v)


Welcome to an easy-peasy face scrub recipe, using ingredients that are most likely already in your cupboard.

The exfoliating element to this scrub is sugar, which works better than minerals such as salt which have less soluble edges that could scratch and damage your skin. I recommended using a refined sugar like caster or brown which have smaller and even granules.


  • 2 parts sugar (caster or brown)

  • 1 part coconut oil

  • honey or agave syrup


  1. Mix your sugar and coconut oil together in a bowl until mixture is evenly distributed and crumbly in texture.

  2. Add a small amount of honey or agave syrup to give the mixture hold. This will be helpful when the coconut oil is both in a melted or hard state.

  3. Transfer to a jar or canister for use and storage.


Happy Exfoliating