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slow cosmetics – the lip lab (v)

Trying to find ethically made lipstick is hard enough as it is. And if you want to find something vegan within this category, you can say goodbye to more than half of the options that were previously available to you. What is left is a tiny array of products, and within this again, you need weed out the colours that aren’t right for you. The options are slim, but when creating your own bespoke lipstick at a place like The Lip Lab, you can make a cruelty-free and vegan lipstick in the exact colour and finish that suits you. If you’re anything like me, trying a tiny colour swatch on the back of your hand doesn’t really cut it. So many times I have tried on my newly purchased item, only to realise that I’ve clearly made the wrong choice. You try your hardest for a while to make it work, but eventually, it ends up at the back of your makeup drawer never to be seen again. Spread this over a $400B dollar cosmetics …

who gives a crap?

Becoming more conscious even in the bathroom, not the most fashionable of subjects, but this loo roll has mission to change lives