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have yourself a sustainable Christmas

As a minimalist amidst this now very commercial holiday called Christmas, your values get well and truly tested. Consumerism takes itself to the next level, offering isles of decorations and nick-nacks that ultimately end up as landfill. Over the years, my eyes have been opened to the harmful and polluting industry of Christmas decoration production. Workers in third-world countries creating endless spray painted santa boots, polystyrene stars covered in glitter, plastic baubles hung from plastic twine. Despite these stories, I don’t like to be the anti-consumer grinch that doesn’t get into to the spirit, so here is a way to be festive without creating waste. How to make a natural wreath: You will need: secateurs, natural twine, scissors and flora 1 / Collect your flora Using secateurs, collect some plant cuttings. Luckily I have a backyard where lots of my neighbours trees and shrubs grow over the fence from which I could collect some good cuttings. I also took a walk to find some trees and shrubs on the street. You can also visit a …

who gives a crap?

Becoming more conscious even in the bathroom, not the most fashionable of subjects, but this loo roll has mission to change lives